Data Science


Our BI implementation is an integration of experience, best practice and existing methodologies. It includes the following structured project phases with an interactive approach to validate results.

We optimize the client information collection, delivery and analysis processes by achieving profitable growth through better decisions based on relevant, timely and accurate information. Our BI consultants are equipped with an in depth product knowledge gained through successful BI implementations over the past few years.

Info Science implementation framework uses the latest trends and tools in Business Intelligence that includes Integration with “real-time” operational systems. At Info Science, we have refined our delivery process over time based on the experience we have acquired through project executions.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have been dubbed as the new electricity and rightly so, nearly every single computer application that has to be deployed in the real world can be completely or partially impacted by using ML and AI. But What is ML and AI? Although these terms are somewhat used interchangeably, there is a prominent difference. Machine learning or ML is a way of teaching computers to recognize patterns and objects by giving them lots of data without specifically programming them in the back-end. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand is a way of giving pseudo-intelligence to computers where they are not only able to recognize patterns but also make different decisions based on a number of factors.

For example, teaching a system to recognize a cat is Machine learning but if that system is able to identify as well as take decisions pertaining to the cat without any human explicitly telling it to do so then we would call that system an AI system. An AI system improves itself and learns to optimize to find better solutions to all the problems it encounters. Sectors such as Government, Finance, Healthcare, Retail and many more are making extensive use of machine learning applications for optimization and predictive analysis.

We have substantiated expertise in building chatbots to assist humans in their daily and browsing tasks by using Natural language processing, recommendation engines for shopping apps and Lead generation mechanisms for medium to large level corporations.

Bussiness Analytics

We leverage our expertise and tools to answer questions like ‘Why is this happening?’ ‘What if these trends continue?’ ‘What will happen NEXT (that is, predict)?’ What is the best that can happen? Our analytics solutions focus on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods using various latest technologies including R Programming.

We make extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis and predictive modeling to drive decision making. Even in status-quo business environments we thrive to bring out new possibilities by using correlation, multiple regression and SWOT analysis that can empower the end user to have visibility and make decisions to meet their goals and objectives.

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Data Discovery

Good data is any organizations lifeline, without it good insight backed decisions won’t happen. Working with clients to exploit the value of data to support you to enter adjacent markets, and also to develop innovative products is our specialty. Info Science can help companies define a data-centric business intelligence strategy that supports your short and long-term objectives.

We start with a data discovery workshop to enable us understand your business challenges and information obstacles, and identify what data you should be using and why.

Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Data Migration

The process of transitioning all or part of your organization's data, applications and services from on-premise to the cloud requires planning. It also requires expertise to ensure the extraction, storage and processing of data into information is accessible and secure. Info Science can work with clients to migrate data from on premise systems to the cloud as well as between cloud systems.

We will also be able to host client applications on our platform, so that the in-house IT team can more effectively deliver value added services to colleagues without having to worry about managing infrastructure.

Cloud Data Migration

Simple. Interactive. Contextual

Business intelligence has always relied on some manner of data visualization, but the industry has changed over the past few years. High cost BI stacks has given way to user-focused analytics tools. We have a capability of using some of the most popular Visualization tools.

Data driven

Businesses become empowered, aligned, and efficient. The ability to access data from internal as well as external sources, and analytics for any use team or business process. Visualizing trends and forecasting results wherever required can drive results.

Data insights

Info Science organizes all of your business data and leverages fast insights through dashboard views that can be sliced and filtered based on your need and at any moment.


We’ll work with you to create a data driven culture by creating a system through which you could publish any dashboard or view to the right team/department, at the crucial time. We’ll help you look beyond reporting.

Data Management

Unrefined data needs to go through a series of processes before it becomes prime for detailed analysis. A lot of technical know-how is required to store, move and to interact with data. Data is never constant, it keeps changing and growing. A basic familiarity with data management processes might not be enough, usage of wrong tools might cause analysis to suffer at every stage.

Our focus when we get into solving your data problem will be to identify the right data integration tools for ETL, data warehousing, data blending and cleaning.

Data Administration

The goal of many information systems is to transform data into information in order to generate knowledge that can be used for decision making. In order to do this, the system must be able to take data, put the data into context, and provide tools for aggregation and analysis. We design your database for such a purpose.

Finding the right technology that will allow you to exploit your current data management strategy while enhancing your alternatives for future storage and computing purchases is at the heart of ensuring your analytics program success.


Database maintenance is a clumsy task. We’ll audit your database and tune it or facilitate the transition to a better database.