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There has been a pivotal shift in the ways of buying and selling products since the rise of eCommerce. Worldwide connectivity through internet has made it possible for businesses to increase their outreach, maintaining scalability. eCommerce industry is flourishing more than ever as is set to reach $27 Trillion in revenue valuation by 2021. In the last few years, the entire retail business architecture is seeing a shift towards eCommerce given its proven credibility and ease-of-access. Traditional retailing services are bounded by location, eCommerce provides a way for your products to go global. It greatly reduces the time and effort spent for selling products over in multiple cities. Retail firms can now sell their goods to the entire world without even having to set up even a single brick and mortar store. Our services provide all the necessary eCommerce solutions to take your retail business online.

Our top-of-the-line platforms provide your business with the necessary tools, to efficiently manage any eCommerce business, ranging from ERPs to CRM solutions. We give utmost importance to working a project in the specified time and monetary limit simultaneously maintaining quality by using industry-leading complimentary services including hosting and other cloud-based services. Our utilities provide a way for your products leading to efficient branding and marketing thereby increasing customer satisfaction and PR value of your business.

Every eCommerce project, whether small or large, requires an upfront planning about the intended scope of the eCommerce solution, the audience you are targeting, the stakeholders involved in the project, the long term plans, and many other factors.

We Provide You With a Solid Project Planning

  • The recommended scope, budget and time planning of your project
  • The technical solution that fits your requirements and your long-term planning
  • The features and (local) best practices to target your customer base
  • The connection to external business systems (ERP, OMS, CRM etc.) that support your growth
  • Other reliable service providers who are experts in complimentary service areas (e.g. marketing, branding, hosting etc.)

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