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Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have been dubbed as the new electricity and rightly so, nearly every single computer application that has to be deployed in the real world can be completely or partially impacted by using ML and AI. But What is ML and AI? Although these terms are somewhat used interchangeably, there is a prominent difference. Machine learning or ML is a way of teaching computers to recognize patterns and objects by giving them lots of data without specifically programming them in the back-end. Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand is a way of giving pseudo-intelligence to computers where they are not only able to recognize patterns but also make different decisions based on a number of factors.

For example, teaching a system to recognize a cat is Machine learning but if that system is able to identify as well as take decisions pertaining to the cat without any human explicitly telling it to do so then we would call that system an AI system. An AI system improves itself and learns to optimize to find better solutions to all the problems it encounters. Sectors such as Government, Finance, Healthcare, Retail and many more are making extensive use of machine learning applications for optimization and predictive analysis.

We have substantiated expertise in building chatbots to assist humans in their daily and browsing tasks by using Natural language processing, recommendation engines for shopping apps and Lead generation mechanisms for medium to large level corporations.

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