Scaling up your business with modern e-commerce solutions

Growth and sustainability are impossible in e-commerce unless you are ready to invest some resources into tools that can assist you in increasing your business.

There is a possibility that you might have the ability to maintain all the plates spinning yourself when you initiated your business. However, if you want to scale up your business, there is a requirement to get out of the fulfillment mind frame and pay attention to growth and optimization. And this is where different tools play their roles to increase your business.

You might encounter an issue as there are many tools out there, and it is quite challenging to acknowledge what to focus on and where to begin.

In this article, you’ll get to know the important tools to grow your e-commerce store. These are mainly divided into different categories


Marketing is the soul of any business. You require outstanding items, along with brilliant customer service and management – however, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your customer support and management are, there is a requirement of someone who just focuses on discovering your customers and finding out how to communicate with them and convince them for your items.

The important tools for marketing include –

  • Google AdWords: Use Google AdWords to make campaigns that will drive your customers to your site by increasing product and brand exposure.
  • Photoshop: Make use of Photoshop to make professional-grade item photos for your site to increase interest in your offerings and bring in more sales.
  • Optimizely: Use Optimizely to make, launch, and analyze A/B tests on your e- commerce site to increase conversions and enhance visitor experiences.
  • Canva: You can make use of Canva to make appealing graphics and photos to bring in more engagement on your social media channels that will relate to our business or items.

Product management/business tools

Product Management/Business Tools  For numerous numbers of times, handling business comes in the way of scaling up your business. And this gets more annoying the greater you scale. You can manage your people, time, channels, finances, and even challenging analysis with these tools so that you can always stay ahead of the market.

  • Kin:  To handle all the HR requirements at your e-commerce business, make use of a tool like Kin, and spend less time on boring back-office works. Kin handles employee files and data, onboarding, performance reviews, and time off in one simple-to-use cloud-based system.
  • inDinero: It provides you a complete package for the accounting and finance team who can handle the books, manage tax filings, make and keep financial accounts, and categorize and review transactions.
  •  Zirtual: It allows you to link up with your PA, who can assist you with everything from handling your mailbox to fixing meetings, making time-table to booking travel accommodations to accomplish personal tasks.
  • Sellbrite: It assists the merchants of every size list with the help of simple-to-use inventory management and multichannel listing tool that handle and accomplish orders, sync and handle inventory, and get the multichannel reporting intelligence required to be prosperous.

Advocacy/Customer service/loyalty tools

If you don’t have customers, then you don’t have any business. Numerous other companies are fighting to make your customers theirs, and there is no doubt in accepting this fact. So, you need to discover how you support them, delight them, advocate for them, and establish their loyalty to you.

  • Zendesk Chat: Use Zendesk Chat to chat with the visitors of your site in real-time to get rid of objections and establish trust.
  •  LeadChat: To engage with future customers in real-time on your site, this is also a great tool that you can make use of. This pays attention to transforming users and recognizing qualified leads that you can follow up with.
  •  ReferralCandy: Make use of ReferralCandy to make a referral program or an ambassador for your e-commerce business to establish customer loyalty and bring in more sales.
  • Coed Monkey: Surprise your customers by sending them free swag to establish brand loyalty, increase word-of-mouth, and delighting your customers. To style and order shirts for your business, use a tool like Coed Monkey.

Analytics tools

If you aren’t aware of what is working, then also you can’t scale up your e-commerce store. For growth, analytics plays a vital role. Scale your business by making your hypothesis, testing, and measuring it.
Some essential analytics tools include –

  • Google Analytics:  Take the time to establish Google Analytics on your e-commerce site to maintain a pulse on how the customers are interacting with your items and pages. You can track sessions, page views, users, time on page, conversion events, bounce rates, and many more with the help of Google Analytics. To discover issues or opportunities in real-time, you can also make reports that can assist you.
  •  Kissmetrics: You can monitor information to check who are your best customers, where they come from, and also how to convert bring in more customers on your site with Kissmetrics.
  •  Taplytics: Use Taplytics to test, track, and experiment your different subscriber actions for a better understanding of your customers on how they interact with your product.
  • Clearbit: When you start to grow your business, tracking sales interactions and lead generation becomes extremely necessary. Depending upon a number of distinct sources, this will automatically update any interactions with your leads.

Miscellaneous tools

There are other tools also that need to be there beyond everything else. These tools help in making things enjoyable. These tools assist you with custom search, personalization, and avoiding MAP policies and growing and scaling your e-commerce business.

  • BloomReach:  To enhance organic SEO and set up better search functionality on your site, you can use BloomReach and offer items to your visitors that depend on their interests.
  •  PriceWaiter:  To automate sales campaigns and offers along with boosting conversions, you can use this tool.
  •   SearchSpring: It offers the most relevant items you provide to visitors who discover on your item pages.
  • Aimtell:  When the visitors don’t have their browsers open, you can still send them the offers and reminders regarding the item with this tool.

You can make use of these tools for scaling up your e-commerce business. However, there are varieties of tools apart from the above-mentioned ones, but these listed are the best ones that can drive up your sales and helps your business in reaching new heights.